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Δείτε τι σημαίνουν τα ακρωνύμια που κάνουν χαμό στο Internet!

Το απόλυτο λεξικό του chatting είναι εδώ!

Το Internet είναι γνωστό ότι έχει τη δική του γλώσσα, γεμάτη από ακρωνύμια, τα οποία δίνουν το νόημα πιο γρήγορα στους χρήστες.

Πέρα όμως από τα γνωστά, βασικά και καθιερωμένα OMG,LOL και WTF, υπάρχουν άλλα τόσα που ο μισός κόσμος χρησιμοποιεί και ο άλλος μισός αναρωτιέται τη σημασία τους.

Για να ξεφύγετε λοιπόν από αυτήν την άγνοια και να συμβαδίζετε τον διαδικτυακό κόσμο, ήρθε η ώρα να διαβάσετε το απόλυτο λεξικό του Internet, ώστε να μην μπορέσει ξανά κανείς να σας κοροϊδέψει!

1 = One, exclamation mark

2 = To, Too or Two

4 = For or Four

AFAP = As Far As Possible

A&F, AAF = Always And Forever

A3 = Anywhere, Any time, Any place

AA = Alcoholics Anonymous

AAB = Average At Best

AAK = Alive And Kicking

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact

AAP = Always A Pleasure

AAR = At Any Rate

AAYF = As Always, Your Friend

ABD = Already Been Done

ABΗ = Actual Bodily Harm

ABN = *sshole By Nature

ABT = Absolutely

ABT = About

ADM = All Day Long

ADMIN = Administrator

ADN = Any Day Now

AEAE = And Ever And Ever

AEAP = As Early As Possible

AFAIAC = As Far As I Am Concerned

AFAIC = As Far As I'm Concerned

AFAICS = As Far As I Can See

AFAICT = As Far As I Can Tell

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AFAIR = As Far As I Remember

AFC = Away From Computer

AFD = All F***ing Day

AFT = About F***ing Time

AGW= All Going Well

Aight = Are you alright, Yo

ALOL = Actually Laughing Out Loud

ANY1 = Anyone

AYSOS = Are You Stupid Or Something?

B = Be

B4 = Before

Bb = Bye Bye, Goodbye

BBIAB = Be back in a bit

BBL = Be back later

BBS = Be back soon

BD = Big deal

BRB = Be right back

BRB = Be right back or Bath-room break

BRT = Be right there

BTW = By the way

C = See

CSWS = Can't Stop, Won't Stop

CU = See you

CUL = See you later

Cuz = Because

CYA = See you

CYS = Check your settings

Da = The

Dat = That

Der = There

DIAF = Die in a fire

Dunno = Dont know

FAQ = Frequently asked questions

FOAD = F**** off and die

FTL = For the loss

FTUW = For the uber win

FTW = For the win

FWIW = For what it's worth

FYI = For your information

G2G / GTG = Got to go

GAL = Get a life

GFY = Good for you

GG = Good game, Good going

GIYF = Google is your friend

GL = Good luck

Gonna = Going to

HAND = Have a nice day

HS = Holy sh*t!

HTH = Hope this helps

IACL = I am currently laughing

IANAL = I am not a lawyer

IANARS = I am not a rocket scientist

IC = I see

ICYDK = In case you didn't know

IDGI = I don't get it

IDK = I don't know

Iggy = Igloo

IIRC = If I recall correctly

ILY or ILU = I love you

IMHO = In my honest opinion

IMNSHO = In my not so honest opinion

IMO = In my opinion

IRL = In real life

ITT = In this thread

IYDMMA = If you don't mind me asking

JJ = Just joking

JK = Just kidding

JOOC = Just out of curiosity

JP = Just playing

K = Okay

KK = Ok Cool or Ok Kewl

KL = kool, cool

Kwl = Cool

L8r = Later

LLAH = Laughing like a Hyena

LMAO = Laughing my *ss off

LMFAO = Laughing my f*cking *ss off

LOL = Laugh out loud

LQTM = Laugh quietly to myself

M8 = Mate

MYOB = Mind your own business

NLS = Not Life Safe

NOYB = None of your business

NP = No problem

NSFW = Not Safe For Work

Nvm = Never Mind

NVM = Never mind

NWS = Not Work Safe

O = Oh

O3 = Out Of Office

OGC = Man J*cking Off

OIC = Oh, I see

OJ = Only Joking

OMG = Oh my God!, Oh my Goodness!,

OOC = Out of Character

OP = Original Poster, Original Post

OT = Off topic

PEBKAC = Problem exists between the keyboard and the chair

Pic = Picture

PITA = Pain in the *ss

Pix = Pictures

Plz, Pls = Please

PMSL = Pissing, pissed myself laughing

POS = Piece of sh*t

PPL = People

PTTL = Pop to the loo

RL = Real life

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss off

ROFLMAOL = Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss out loud

Shudda = Should have

SMH = Shaking my head

SO = Significant other

SOS = Same old sh*t

soz, srry = Sorry

SSDD = Same sh*t, different day

STFW = Search the f*cking web

Sup = What's up?

sup homes = What's up, friend?

SWW = Sorry, wrong window – typing in the wrong box

Thnx = Thanks

Tho = Though

TIA = Thanks in advance

TTFN = Ta ta for now

TTYL = Talk to you later

TTYT = Talk to you tomorrow

TY = Thank you

TYT = Take your time

U = You

W8 = Wait

Wanna = Want to

WB = Welcome back

Wd = Well done

WDUWTA? = What do you want to talk about?

Wile = While

WOOT = We own the other team

WTF? = What the F***?

WURSC = Wow, you are so cool

YCM = You copied me

Ye = Yeah, Yes

YMMV = Your mileage may vary

Yo = Hey, Your

YSVW = You are so very welcome

YW= You are welcome

Δείτε τι σημαίνουν τα ακρωνύμια που κάνουν χαμό στο Internet! Δείτε τι σημαίνουν τα ακρωνύμια που κάνουν χαμό στο Internet! Reviewed by athinapoli on 5.7.18 Rating: 5

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